Lessons from Dino Eggs (SOL)

Over Christmas, a close friend got the kids presents—an absolute blessing. But two presents for the 6-year-old were dinosaur-egg-dig-kit things. After letting the eggs soak, I let my son spread himself out on a table and begin the good work of digging into the plaster/clay. I tell him that paleontologists have to painstakingly excavate little … Continue reading Lessons from Dino Eggs (SOL)

A Nudge in the Right Direction (SOL)

There are moments in our lives that help shape who we are. Sometimes there are huge events and moments that propel us. But a lot of our direction comes from numerous smaller ones that nudge us towards our paths. One such moment I remember was in community college. My first year of college was terrible. … Continue reading A Nudge in the Right Direction (SOL)