Here I will attach some of my fiction in PDF files. For really short works I’ll just post them below here.

This first one was a prompt to describe a landscape. I decided to describe a sandstorm I saw in Iraq ca. 2011


Wall of Sand

                Like a massive tidal wave, the dark sand rises. It looks like the side of a canyon carved out tediously and seemingly frozen. But it’s not frozen. It bears down on the desert. One moment the blinding light ignites the entire landscape with golden sand and mirages, the next, the wall of sand rises.  You can feel it in the air.  Although it’s been a dry 120 degrees Fahrenheit the air feels strangely chilled.  As the wind rolls from the wall in gusts, it seems to electrify the very air. If you turn around and look opposite the wall, even with light fading quickly, everything looks perfectly normal. The sky a deep light blue that blankets the earth. The sand a golden ocean calm like a still pond. A mirage blurs the line where the sky and sand meet. If you look to either side, you can see the storm cutting the landscape, the wall seems to go on forever. It’s so long that you swear if you could see the curve of the earth you would see the wall curve with it. For inside of that wall hurling down the desert as calm and serene as looks is a blazing storm. Inside of that dark grayish tan wall, everything seems a dull, dead orange. The wind goes seemingly in every direction. You could bring your hand to your face, and you would not see it. But if it were possible to keep your eyes open, and you could look straight up, you could see flashes of an impossible light blue and rays and rays from a glowing white sphere.




The following is a piece of flash fiction I wrote for my creative writing class. The first paragraph was pre-written and we had to “finish the story”. 

Where They May