Poetry Friday: “A List of”

“Finding safe online spaces for writing is invaluable to me as a poet-teacher…” so begins this weeks poetry roundup post (visit here) by margaretsmn. I’m repeating her words because they ring so true.

This week was also my 3rd week and of summer and it was the first week of Pondering Poetry with Christie Wyman. And I’m glad I signed up. Since school ended I feel like I have been in recovery/cleaning my house/ tackling a mountain of laundry a chunk at a time, mode. Although I’ve done a lot of reading I felt writing is missing quite a bit. Someone from the group mentioned how Time to Write sessions got them through the school year and I can say the same is also very true for me.


As for my poem I was able to write in the poetry session. A list about lists enjoy!

A List of:

  • Appointments
  • Groceries
  • Deadlines
  • Bills
  • Supplies
  • Achievements
  • Things to remember.
  • The way words fail.
  • A list of the many ways the world is ending.
  • The types of birds in my neighbors’ feeder
  • A list of things that were left unsaid as my mom hugs me leaving for the airport this morning. Water welling in my eyes as my son asks why I’m sad. Me turning and saying: “I’m happy and sad.”
  • A list of why I am happy and sad at the same time.

By Jonathan Rivera

12 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: “A List of”

  1. How your list grows from the things you need to do to the things that keep you alive and human (tears of happy and sad.) Thanks for sharing your writing and your experience with finding the space and time to write.

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  2. Jonathan, a beautiful list of lists. I especially, of course, love what you say about the unsaid things to your mom and the happy/sad combination of feelings at the same time. Very nice.

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  3. You got me, Jonathan–I thought you were going to allow your list of tasks, the mundane, the tedious–overwhelm your need to Write with a capital W, and instead you built subtly through contrasts
    A list of the many ways the world is ending.
    The types of birds in my neighbors’ feeder.
    to an ending that makes us rethink it all. Beautifully crafted–thank you.

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  4. That’s quite a list of lists, Jonathan. Poetic now, yet full of potential for future exploration. “Things to remember” resonates with me — I forget a lot of things, but would do better if I didn’t. Thanks for sharing this!

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