In Silence

 Hello and Happy Poetry Friday! Be sure to visit the roundup!

Been a while since I posted. As the school year is now winding down I’ll will be trying to post more.


In Silence

I am thankful that time, can wear things away. Like the sting

of what my mother calls the private indignities of life we must stand

In silence.

As the sting echoes into a dull ache my heart softens all the violence

in my blood smolders. I bow my head my complaint is bitter

In silence.

And with time even this dull ache leaves merely imprint of memory. I try to stir

and blow oxygen into coals flame long gone, time has been good.

Although it cares not for how we sing and hope to endure

In silence. 

6 thoughts on “In Silence

  1. What a school year, eh? Goodness…your poem is full of emotion. Loud in it’s witness despite the refrain of silence. Thank you for sharing it. I’m wishing you lots of words and writing time very soon.

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  2. That passing of time… We will make it to silence and hopefully have time to reflect on this most unusual school year. I look forward to more poetry from you.

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  3. I hadn’t thought of “time wearing things away” and that is hopeful for all of us although being silent for some may not heal the grief of so many. The poem brings new thought to these past months.

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