Sun and Moon

(This week in the classroom we wrote sonnets here is one I wrote with my students.)

My wife’s eyes are like the sun
I love her more than words can say
But yet I’m compelled to give it a run
I love being with her every day

When I see the glow of her face
Time comes to a complete stop
I have to give thanks, give grace.
Our love is won, hard-fought.

When she is around, I am all smiles
In the path of life
We still have yet many miles.
We’re always together, no matter the strife.

When the moon shimmers, our view
Our hours together become too few.

Thank you Heidi for hosting Poetry Friday this week!

7 thoughts on “Sun and Moon

  1. Sonnets – now THAT is a challenge. It’s one thing to write a structured poem. But structured AND rhyming? Hats off to you! I also love the way this poem evokes Shakespeare so well. I’m guessing your version would go over MUCH better!

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  2. Jonathan, it’s nice to meet you! Welcome to our Poetry Friday community. My son, a senior, has also been writing a sonnet this week. In his he professes his enduring love for … Donkey Kong. : ) I like the way your poem spans the long day, sun to moon shimmer, never long enough.

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  3. Wow! Did your wife cry? Such a beautiful poem. I loved the line, “Our love is won, hard-fought.” It brought such realness and vulnerability to your piece.

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